5 thoughts on “Teachers Like You

  1. Wow. This is so moving. I recently started my own blog and I wrote about what makes us effective educators. I am currently having struggles passing the VA dept. of Educations assessment that is required for educators. After, going a battle to find answers to why the assessment was needed in the first place I have been felt to feel as if I am “bad”. Or not smart enough to do my job. It is unfortunate that the work will never truly see what goings on in our everyday lives. They will never know the passion and love that we bring to students everyday. All the see our numbers and that is what we are told to pass to our students.:(


    1. I was pushed out of a job I absolutely loved and then spent years trying to SAY (write) why what my district did to me (and so many teachers like me) was both wrongheaded and destructive — so I really appreciate hearing that you not only understood the message, but were moved by it.

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      1. Thank you. I love hearing I am not alone also. My blog is all about my struggles with obtaining a teacher’s license and I’ll love to hear others stories. So if you or anyone else feels like sharing I’m open to listen. No one seems to want to talk about and I refuse to do that. It’s time people know what we as teacher have to go through.


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