4 thoughts on “Whack-A-Mole Management

  1. No Military-trained Body-Drop-Shot Ethos SRO’s in our Schools, please?

    End Police Center-of-Mass Body-Drop-Shot Military Training of Officers – Remove Police SRO’s Trained in Body-Shot Tactics from Our Schools Until ALL are COMPLETELY RE-TRAINED and have taken NEW Sworn Oaths to Defend and Protect; DREAM DEFENDERS – DO NOT FOCUS SOLELY on seeking to PUNISH THE OFFICER – EDUCATE the officer and his and her fellows – FOCUS ON CHANGING THE TRAINING AND CULTURE OF ALL OFFICERS NATIONWIDE –

    DO THIS SPECIFICALLY BY (1) Change from Military to (new) Civilian Hostile Engagement Protocols; DO NOT SEEK BETTER TRAINING IN HOW TO keep doing their military-style policing that is COMPLETELY WRONG – Seek to COMPLETELY Change the current training from military to civilian and know what this difference really is, training-wise. Do not let the police simply punish one officer and add more training to a deeply flawed policy, culture, and practice so they can be done with the matter – letting and encouraging police to “retrain” under the current situation will only make things worse, not better. The same goes when seeking punishment for the officer – seek the officers genuine apology instead, and a sincere apology from the Police department PLUS the complete change from Military to Civilian protocols for the engagement of hostiles. POLICE ARE TRAINED TO in the Military ETHOS to AIM FOR THE BODIES CENTER of Mass in order TO DROP THE PERSON ASAP – The MILITARY ETHOS demands that the opponents life be valued as less than ones own, this is it’s very CORE> the Peace Officers ETHOS Must Be the EXACT OPPOSITE – the military officer will be reprimanded for risking his life to save the guy pointing a gun at him or her – NOT SO THE PEACE OFFICER who will rightfully be seen as a HERO for his or her sacrifice – this decision MUST be made by our officers as part of their indoctrination, training, and in their OATH of fealty to the people – before they are placed before the public fully armed.

    (2) If we don’t have the equivalent of a DOCTOR’S OATH for our police officers (and teachers) – NOW IS THE TIME, OK? Part of it standard, part to be drafted by the team the officer is part of, and part to be the words of the officer him or herself – Three sentence minimum Oath in other words. To help make this happen faster – push to NOT ALLOW SRO POLICE into Schools UNTIL this NEW TRAINING and CULTURE is in place, until then, no officer trained in military tactics (currently all of them) should be allowed on any campus, any grade or level including and especially at university level. This may not be attainable, but it MUST be tried for to drive the point home that our POLICE have to change; HAVE TO – period – so – No More SRO’s in School Until Police become Peace Officers for real. No more kidding ourselves, enough is enough. The kids aren’t going to take it any more and they should not have to, it is time for police to stand up and take responsibility for being our protectors and this means KICKING THE MILITARY out of our local schools and local police stations. To train the dog, horse or child to WAR is Immoral. Shame on us all. Kids are not stupid, they lack knowledge. They do not lack heart or moral discrimination – we blame them – but it is our lack of heart and morality that is the cause of the problem, they are the victims – the meek, the voiceless – and they will take it no more. It is time to change.

    Time for police to stop reacting, and to lead. Dream Police – make your demands known, two items, Police must (1) completely demilitarize and (2) implement an oath – and as a suggestion – please consider STANDING SILENT – MOTIONLESS AND SILENT – this was done at a sit in in the midwest and instead of everyone getting loud, they all stood silent as the university President and board walked past hundreds of silent students to their deliberations – which were resoundingly in the students favor – Silent and perhaps not even facing them but WITH YOUR BACKS TO THEM AS THEY PASS WHEN YOU ASSEMBLE. The police are not seeing us as equal so perhaps refusing to face them until they are willing to do so as equals and not in the military sense as less than equal possible hostile. A hostile to a peace officer is not just equal, but of greater value since it is part of ones job to protect that persons life, even above one’s own, this is the ESSENCE of what being a FIRST RESPONDER is – NO ONE should be MADE to swear that they will put the life of a criminal’s above their own when in an emergency situation and those DISAGREEING with this need feel no shame, but neither CAN THEY BE ALLOWED TO BECOME POLICE OFFICERS, let alone ever be issued a lethal weapon such as a gun, this is madness. NO SRO’s in Schools UNTIL Police Cease Seeing People as Possible Hostiles and are willing to swear an OATH to PROTECT and SERVE with their VERY LIVES. It is a lot to ask. It must be asked. It must be responded to properly. Fight for our kids. Now. See this through. You are a dream defender. The tim eto Make It So is now.

    Civilian; “Why’d you shoot me?” MILITARY-trained Miami Police-officer; “I don’t know.”

    These shootings are clear indications of community wide Complex PTSD; “Schools that fail to address the impact of trauma on students are engaging in unlawful discrimination,” said Laura Faer, Public Counsel’s Statewide Education Rights – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!



    Stop! Educate yourselves. Educate others.

    – Why?

    Because 1 in 3 kids experiencing criminal acts upon them by the age of 18 IS NOT OK,


    Trauma and Learning
    Watch this video on Trauma and Learning

    Is it responsible to allow OFFICERS trained in the MILITARY STYLE of ENGAGEMENT into our Florida Schools as SRO’s?

    Police train in military PROTOCOLS to treat shooters as enemy combatants (WTF!) and put a value of their life in comparison to one’s own and to others, of exactly zero. The officer is to take no risk nor allow any to his fellows, zero, nada, none, zip. This is NOT OK, OK? No military person get’s awards for the number of enemies they didn’t shoot nor for the number of bullets they took themselves from a shooter rather than down the shooter in one body-centered drop-shot. WE DAMAGE THE OFFICERS MENTALLY BY EVEN ASKING THEM to SHOOT to the CENTER OF MASS of the BODY to DROP the shooter-person ASAP once engaged. This is MADNESS to let people trained in this fashion into our schools – until this training is reversed.

    Officers should treat any young person asking questions with respect – this is a MINIMUM EXPECTATION of the good officer, as is an apology when warranted.

    Is it responsible to allow OFFICERS trained in the MILITARY STYLE of ENGAGEMENT into our Florida Schools as SRO’s?

    What of you FLORIDA, Palm Beaches, Miami-Dade, Broward – how many homeless moms in cars in your towns and cities? For every known homeless parent that has endured our gauntlet of forms and underfunded programs there are hundreds more unknown of by us, entirely off the radar. This is NOT OK, OK?

    Fear is a disease that eats away at logic and makes man inhuman. (- Marian Anderson Singer).

    There is something new in this battle, COMPLEX PTSD. Google it – CPTSD – it is a new way of seeing that the permanent changes in one’s brains size, shape, chemistry and function that happen to children and adults when they are exposed to small and large traumas and are NOT an indication of there being damage, but of being PERFECTLY adapted for survival in a dangerous CPTSD-world of people optimized to survive in a harsh world of scarcity and competition instead of one of abundance and cooperation. Two different brains for two different worlds. The world is as it is, we are adapted as we should be, we are fine as is the world. The question is, now that we know the world can be better, that we can RISE ABOVE OUR BIOLOGY, will we? How about you? What do you say? Peace? Art? Love? We All One?

    The difference between a military trained and police trained person, the difference in their training, can be a source of deep pride for both police-person and warrior – one for being so skilled and focused on being skilled in dropping a person fast without a lethal shot and the other for the opposite. Our mutual goal is to see all lives as being equal, even and especially that of the perpetrator posing a threat – Note that the good soldier is trained to see any opposition as a threat to be dispatched with deadly force if need be and without further question. The policeman, hopefully, not so much. This is core stuff. Stuff we adults have forgotten. It is time we remember. Now. Kids aren’t dumb, they’re young and unlearned – and even children sense in their hearts that to punish error by a child is wrong, even when the adult thinks the child knows to do the thing asked, especially then actually. Error is Opportunity to Learn, not to Punish. Justice Applied Against Children is Immoral, Period.

    1 in 3 Broward children is neglected or abused criminally by 18 and we have the technical ability to identify each and every one, all 75,000 or so of them, within a week to a month of the event or ongoing events occurring. This is possible because the effects of Complex PTSD and PTSD are REAL and PHYSICAL and thus MEASURABLE and not measurable in just one way, but Measurable in Multiple ways by definition because this is how science works – Cost is always an issue in all things and is in this as well, but very reasonable in cost since so many currently available off-shelf solutions already exist to identify the CPTSD and PTSD in a child cohort.

    We train MILITARY warriors to shoot to kill because they face enemy combatants whose lives are gauged as being less than the warriors. They are trained to KILL because they are NOT willing to DIE for the enemy and are there to “eliminate the threat” of him ASAP. Military warriors are HEROES for being willing to die and also for how many enemy combatants they can “eliminate.”

    We SHOULD and CAN and WILL SOON train CIVILIAN peace officers to shoot to NOT KILL because they are willing to DIE for the citizen they are sworn to protect. Civilian peace officers are HEROES for being willing to, and far too often for having to sacrifice their lives for ours – and for how many persons they help in the course of their duties, not how many can be killed as with their military-alter ego’s.
    We’ve militarized our schools and our communities.

    Institutional CPTSD, look it up. Google it.

    Picture a class-action for all Broward that includes first responder, teachers, non-profits, those working with poor, underserved, special needs, elderly, and health care providers.

    We’ve militarized our schools and our communities.
    Institutional CPTSD, look it up. Google it.

    Picture a class-action for all Broward that includes first responders, police, nurses, caregivers, jailers, teachers, – nonprofits and all those working with poor, underserved, special needs, elderly, and incarcerated and ill.


    Hands Up Don’t Shoot –



    Miami-Dade FLORIDA 2011-2016


    Common-sense alone is enough for us to know that of 140 shootings surely ONE was over-the-line, surely, or no? Japan’s population is roughly the same as the U.S.; What is the explanation for there being more shootings in one county of one State than the entire NATION of 250,000,0000 or so people in Japan? Reactive Child-Mind justifications: This is nonsense. In all three scenarios the untrained persons did just what an untrained person or any MILITARY TRAINED POLICE OFFICER would do – how is it possible to not note the issue here The person did not command the person to stop or move out of in between cars – of course a person can shoot an officer without warning, if that was the point of the first exercise, to demonstrate the obvious in a cartoonish way, it succeeded.

    The other two scenarios show what any 3rd grader handed a gun and a badge would do – so what is the point again? The officer should NOT have been pointing his gun at the approaching mans chest and should not have been squatting on the man’s back in the first place, it was avoidable, and should not have been holding the gun held in that position, and should have been struggling to get up off immediately or to escalate force used dramatically and with finality, but this is certainly NOT to include lethal force. This was propaganda to defend the indefensible militarization and dehumanization of our police force – they are trained in the military ethos to put the value of their life as being far greater than that of a possible threat – this is the EXACT opposite of what a CIVILIAN peace officers ethos should and must be. No Body Center of Mass Drop-Shots, period.

    Our officers don’t need more training in how to do things back-asswards – they need a complete overhaul of their protocols and purpose and this should be reflected in a Policeman’s oath – not a bad idea for teachers either – as this oath can reflect the new protocol, relationship and attitude of our peace officers to citizens – and were teachers to join aboard, to define a new relationship between teachers and children. Light trumps darkness – Leadership inspires – perhaps teachers will inspire police to see that there’s no need to wait for later and that the time is now to fight for KIDS by taking an oath. If you have the time, Google or Search and learn about Community-wide Complex PTSD and it’s effects on institutions. In the community of Compton, California, teachers and students joined forces in a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT and WON a ONE BILLION DOLLAR judgement based on the communities suffering from CPTSD – Knowledge is power – without guns – load up on information not bullets – then let it rip and fire at will when the time comes to defend our children… fight for our kids, don’t just stand by as they are shot and treated as less than human. Enough is enough. To treat the least of us in this fashion damages all of us and alters our brains to focus on our fears and divisions instead of our hopes and similarities.

    It is time to RISE – To Rise Above our Biology that molds our brains to be reactive or non-reactive without our consent or intent, like riding a horse with a mind of its own – it is time we take the reigns of our biology, of our brains, of our actions, of our police, and bring ourselves and our children into a future we all want, not the future we are all perfectly adapted to – a world of shootings and 1 in 3 people abused or neglected criminally as children – this is our world. And yet, things were once far, far worse. Incredibly – things are NOT getting worse, they’ve finally gotten better to the point where the last hide-outs of stubborn “badness” are and now those institutions and people still under its sway – the reason things seem so much worse is because there are MILLIONS of people that already have chosen to exert their individual free will and they have RISEN UP and are RISING UP to bring us into the light and out of beastiality and inhumanity. Smile. It’s all good. And it’s all happening right now. Join-in to help make it happen faster. Bring-on the smiles, bullets are already becoming passe.


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