3 thoughts on “The Cost Of Being Cost Effective

  1. You already know the answer to your question….OF COURSE experience matters particularly for challenging populations of kids. Having a repertoire of lessons to teach essentially the same content is absolutely necessary to reaching all kids and building a repertoire takes time and experience. The other place that requires experience is administration…too many are 3 to 5 year wonders who have far too much confidence in themselves. They aren’t mature enough in the job nor do they have a repertoire from which to pull. We end up with lackeys trying to keep their heads above water using harsh methods to intimidate their teachers into doing everything the one way they know. OR Worse, we get the people who read a book and think they are experts. They think it’s good substitute for experience–books enhance our knowledge base and provide a platform from which to gain experience. Teachers cannot solve the problems of society only strong social programs can do that. However, the schools can be a place from which to launch those social programs. Medical care could be provided at school. Social workers could do more than just track attendance–their role and numbers could be expanded to help families find jobs, get training, find services, learn parenting, learn living skills…. Day care could be provided at school. Start thinking outside the box and many things are possible.

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